Prenatal Massage

Prenatal, Postnatal & Labor Stim Massage


Prenatal Massage is safe all throughout your pregnancy. In fact it is one of the BEST things that you can do for you and your Baby! Many Moms around the world benefit from Massage Therapy before, during and after their pregnancy. 


Massaged women“reported fewer obstetric and postpartum complications, reduced prematurity rates, shorter and less painful labors and fewer days in hospital after labor and delivery”

(p.245, Salvo).

  The benefits of Prenatal Massage are profound to say the least. By decreasing the stress hormones and increasing the relaxation hormones, our bodies ability to heal and function optimally is uninhibited. A few of the results are:

  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation.
  •  Reduces musculoskeletal pain and strain that occurs during pregnancy. 
  • Aids in the reduction of edema and increases blood and lymph circulation. 
  • Helps develop body awareness and flexibility necessary for active birthing.
  •  Promotes regular blood flow to the uterus


Prevention is the key and the door that it unlocks is one of healthy living without the host of problems that stress brings. It is never to early or late in your pregnancy to start experiencing the benefits of  Prenatal Massage Therapy.

That's what we are here for! 


Labor Induction Massage

You made it! You have arrived at your due date, it came and went.

If you have found yourself exploring the many options of  "labor induction methods," and are considering Massage Therapy, you are welcome to try in a very safe & warm environment with a skilled Therapist. Many times moms just need a place to let go and let their body begin to work. We use a very gentle method with special oils in efforts to induce labor. There is not a "magic button," but many times the moms that come for a natural induction do go into labor as desired. The best and most effective Induction efforts are when mom has completed her to-do list or has lost it and has no intention of finding it before baby comes. In other words, she is ready! Labor Induction Massages are recommended as many days in a row as needed. If you are unable to make it more than one day,a minimum of 90 minutes is recommended for Labor Induction efforts.





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